What is PromoMyApp?

PromoMyApp puts your app front and center to every mobile user who searches for a topic or problem that your app solves. It’s an online platform that you can use to get your app picked up by all the major search engines. And it will boost your app up to a first page ranking where everyone can see it and, with a simple click, download it!

Why do I need It?

So when was the last time you said “I’ve got a great app, but no one knows about it”?

A mobile phone user will go online to research a challenge or problem. And up will pop plenty of articles and ads. But what won’t pop up is your app! Unless you are using PromoMyApp. Because with PromoMyApp, when a topic is searched that relates to your app, it will show on the first page of search results. And with a single click, they can upload it. PromoMyApp is the only proven way of deep-linking your app directly to the search engines. It’s that “missing link” between the search engines and your amazing app!

Who else does this and why is PromoMyApp better?

There are others who claim to provide search engine marketing for apps. But what they’re really out to do is to lock you into contracts for lots of other products and services.
PromoMyApp does one thing and one thing only; pushes your app out to get top page ranking on the internet. More visibility = More downloads. All the rest is up to you.

So how does PromoMyApp work?

It begins by calculating an assessment of how visible your app is today. We have created what we call a “discoverability” score, that taps into a lot of sources and, through a sophisticated algorithm, creates a score between 1-800 which represents how easy (or hard) it is to find your app. Most apps score pretty low, since they’re invisible to the mobile search engines.

Once you know your discoverability score, you can get started improving it, through the easy to use PromoMyApp interface.

Here’s what you do: Complete description pages for attributes and keywords relating to your app. You can create as many pages as you need to; the more data, the better for PromoMyApp.

Here’s what we do: The platform then reaches out to all the major search engines and social media. It begins the process of “deep-linking” between the mobile source, the pages you set up, and all the major search engines. [may need some more input here]

The result? Your app will start its climb from zero visibility to high page rank visibility, every time someone does a search on a problem or topic related to your app.

What does it cost?

The cost to bring your app to life will depend upon the complexity, your timeline and the tools and skills needed to build it out. Before we can give you an accurate quote we’ll need to know more about your app. Complete the simple form below.

How do I find out more?

Now that you know how PromoMyApp works, it’s time to find out how we will bring your app to life. Just complete the form below and one of our senior app designers will contact you to create an outline and quote to design, develop and submit your app.

What's my Discoverability Score?

Now that you know what a Discoverability Score is, it’s time to find out what yours is. Simply complete the form below and end the suspense!